lek. dent. Aleksandra Łabno

aleksandra łabno

Jest absolwentką Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie. Szczególnie interesuje się stomatologią estetyczną,endodoncją i ortodoncją. Wychowuje córeczki Hanię i Matyldę. Czas wolny lubi spędzać na korcie tenisowym lub siłowni. Nieustannie poszerza swoją wiedzę i umiejętności przez udział w wielu kursach i specjalistycznych szkoleniach.


Naśladując Naturę Czyli Podejmowanie Decyzji W Stomatologii Odtwórczej – Analiza Przypadków Trudnych I Kompromisowych – dr n. med. Maciej Żarow ; Major occlusal correction of a temporomandibular disordered patient – dr. Máté Jász ; Advantages of microscopy in all fields of dentistry – ZA Per Fossdal ; Dental Adhesives Update – Ivo Krecji ; Minimally Invasive Dentistry – Why we need it – Mark Bowes ; Mastering procedures for optimal outcome on implants in the esthetic zone – Achraf Souayah ; Minimally Invasive Preparations – Victor Sanchez ; Clinical and technological ressources for an esthetical preservation in implantology – Carlos Francischone ; How to achieve predictable result with esthetic, function and biology – Cyril Gaillard ; Tri-laminar Technique – Gianfranco Politano ; The Bleaching technique or the most conservative aesthetic treatment – Luis Jané ; Optimize alveolar bone in the aesthetic zone – France Lambert ; Restoration of the anterior teeth from direct to indirect – Giancarlo Pongione ; Minimally invasive treatment of enamel white spot lesions – Marie Clement ; 4D Implant Position in the Esthetic Zone – Daniel Ochoa ; Layers, a simpler approach in aesthetic dentistry – Anna Salat / Jordi Manauta ; Indirect composite posterior restorations : the easy, repeatable and predictable way for esthetic success – Francesco Mangani ; State of the art of reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth – Marco Ferrari ; Replacing tooth lost substance – how man, science and the computer are changing the face of Prosthodontics – João Fonseca ; The wide world of Veneers – Guglielmo Parziale ; How can I create my own resin-composite inlays, onlays and overlays? – Kilian Molina ; White Implants – immediate single tooth replacements with zirconia implants in the anterior – Bart Beekmans ; MicroVision prosthetics. The day when I will finally see – Nazariy Mykhaylyuk ; The Virtual Lab and the Complete Digital Workflow – Christian Coachman ; How can we use photography and video for better communications with patients, laboratory and dentist? – Alain Perceval ; Bespoke New York Smile : Blue Print in Aesthetic dentistry – Ivan Hadiutomo ; Techniques from the past helping the present. Hand made, still actual – Sebastien Mosconi ; From analogical to digital pathway. How to convert yourself into a digital dentist – Francisco Teixeira Barbosa ; Smile dynamics: new approaches for achieving esthetic excellence – Paola Ochoa ; Responsible Aesthetics: Minimally invasive implant and restorative dentistry – Attila Bodrogi ; New adhesive CAD/CAM materials: from aesthetic to function – Paulo Monteiro ; Contribution of guided surgery for aesthetic results in implant’s prosthesis – Renaud Noharet ; What do I have in mind when I have to prepare teeth for indirect bonded restorations? – Jon Gurrea ; New approaches in implant prosthesis – Eduardo Damásio ; Modern Implant Success in the Esthetic Zone – Kyle Stanley ; Delicate Dentistry Philosophy – Irfeo Saraiva ; Impact of endodontics on aesthetic dentistry – Rui Pereira da Costa No Post No Crown: Welcome to the new world – Gil Tirlet / David Gerdolle ; Aesthetics with dental implants. From simple to complex cases – Ricardo Faria de Almeida ; Combining DSD and All-on-4 to create the Perfect Aesthetic – Russell Young ; Anterior CAD/CAM restorations – Josef Kunkela ; Art & science of isolation – Maxim Belograd ; The styleitaliano philosophy – Angelo Putignano ; The 7 steps you must take to be a successful aesthetic dentist – João Borges ; An evidence based look at long-term endodontic outcomes – Ove Peters ; Assessment and management of cracks. Seeing is believing – Patrick Caldwell ; Finding and working the MB2 – Sérgio Quaresma ; Diagnosis and treatment of resorption lesions, a modern approach – Guillaume Jouanny ; Maxillary Sinusitis of Dental Origin – Oleg Kulygin ; Regeneration potential of the pulp and periapical tissue: a way of treatment? – Carlos Alvarado ; Access in Endodontics – Ivan Vyuchnov ; Do we really need operating microscope for endodontic treatments? – Gergely Benyőcs ; Coronal leakage: beginning of the end or end of the beginning? – José Sacramento ; The path to rotary instruments – Vivek Hegde ; Biologically centered root canal preparation concepts – Freddy Belliard ; Image quality in cone beam computed tomography – What you get is what you deserve – Marc Semper ; Benefits from Adaptive Technology for shaping canals – Walter Vargas Obando ; Contemporary approaches to non round canals in Endodontics – Michael Solomonov ; Clinical Benefits of Microscope and Ergonomics in Daily Endodontic Practice – Zaher Al-Taqi ; Video-documentation on the microscope – Stefan Klinge ; Invasive Cervical Resorption – Carlos Aznar Portoles ; Improving clinical performance when using NiTi instruments: a science-based approach – Hani Ounsi ; Instrumentation of Severe Curved Root Canals. Rational approach – Eugen Buga ; Functional Characteristics of File Geometry – Steve Buchanan ; Disinfection in endodontics: challenges and solutions – Bettina Basrani ; Simplified mechanical preparation of endodontic space – a personal concept and technique – Sergiu Nicola Shape memory alloys in endodontics – Diogo Guerreiro and Mário Rito ; The lateral canal issue – Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos ; A private practitioners view on a modern microscopic approach to NSRCT – Viraj Vora ; Surgical Endodontic Cases – Maria Laura Gimenez del Arco ; 3D Disinfection – Clifford Ruddle ; Learning from failures – Misao Hattori ; Hidden canals… The hidden face of failure – Moataz Alkhawas ; Multidisciplinary approach to Dental Trauma – Fernando Duran ; Reverse Treatment Planning in Endodontics – Patricia Escobar ; Perforations Management – Fabio Gorni ; Clinical Applications of BioCeramics in Endodontics – Allen Ali Nasseh ; Guidelines for endodontically treated posterior teeth: from access cavity to function – Anaïs Ramirez ; Why does my endodontically treated teeth still hurt? – Marino Sutedjo ; The guided tissue regeneration in endodontics surgical procedure in cases of large periapical lesion – Maurício Camargo ; Restorations Of discoloured root canal treated anteriors – Maciej Żarow ; Micro Surgical Endodontics: the state of the art – Arnaldo Castellucci ; Closing lecture: 5 Rules to become an Endo Master – Rui Pereira da Costa ; Post Endo restorative: adhesive era – Marcin Krupiński ; Isolation, the Essentials – Stephane Browet ; Anterior Direct Restorations – Challenging steps – Joana Garcez ; Repeatable and predictable protocol in the treatment of worn dentition: the full mock concept for the every day practice – Stefan Koubi ; Communication Protocols with the lab: Analog vs Digital – Johan Figueira ; Reconstruction of endodontically treated anterior teeth – Maciej Zarow ; Full mouth rehabilitation with the flowable injection technique – Enrique Diaz Guzman ; Partial Extraction Therapies – Howie Gluckman ; 3 STEP technique and the ADDITIVE approach, the third alternative in dentistry – Francesca Vailati ; Photography for the clinic dedicated to dental aesthetics: Equipment, settings and handling – Carlos Ayala ; To Post or Not to Post? To Crown or Not to Crown? – Leonard Nelwan ; From Bone To Ceramics. New Perspectives on Socket Shield – Bernardo Corrêa, Filipe Lopes ; From Planning to Execution. A success story in full arch implant restorations from start to finish – Anas Aloum ; Prefabric composite veneers – Engin Taviloglu ; A new implant Dentistry : high quality same day immediate loading from an intraoral scanner – Luis Cuadrado ; Integrating esthetics and occlusion in adhesive oral rehabilitation – German Albertini, Diego Bechelli ; Creating differentiation and a unique client experience through Technology – Christian Coachman ; Esthetic, biomechanical and functional goals of restorative dentistry: Is it possible to reach them without any drilling? – Jean-Pierre Attal ; Merging Invisalign with Digital Smile Design – to achieve minimally invasive dentistry – Ryan Tse ; CEREC workflows in modern cosmetic and implant dentistry – Simon Chard ; Knowledges to be shared between our two professions: Virtual Esthetic Project – Hélène and Didier Crescenzo ; Oral Rehabilitation – A Conservative Approach – Paul Cabeza ; Restoring smiles – the surgical – restorative workflow for predictable high end results – Mirela Feraru ; Will minimally invasive Endodontics forever change Esthetic Dentistry? – Rui Pereira da Costa ; The Prosthetic Revolution – Mauro Fradeani ; Management of compromised teeth in the aesthetic zone – Miguel Roig ; Esthetic Direct Composite Restorations – John Chu ; Combined options & materials for indirect esthetic restorative dentistry – Simone Maffei ; PSD: Photoshop Smile Design. A dental digital planning approach – José Gabriel Martínez ; Diagnosis and implant treatment indications for the edentulous maxilla – Jack Goldberg ; Zirconia Implants meet Digital Revolution – André Chen ; Analogue vs Digital Dentistry – Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, Bogdan Mykhaylyuk, Anatoliy Tokar ; The function of esthetics: critical parameters from the analog dentistry into the digital world – Alessandro Pozzi ; Guided Surgery & Aesthetics: Digital workflow for predictable Immediate Function and Osseintegration – Alessandro Pozzi ; The tips for aesthetic posterior composite restorations – Jun Iwata ; Soft tissue management: from provisional to final restoration. How do we do it? – Ramon Asensio ; The importance of the diagnostic wax-up in the success of a new smile makeover – Christophe Hue ; Functional Rehabilitations using the Adhesive Minimally Invasive Approach – Matthew Nejad ; Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of the Smile using minimal and non invasive bonded ceramic restorations – Konstantinos Kountouras ; Critical issues on bonding Ceramic Laminate Veneers – Marco Gresnigt ; SKIN Concept – Aesthetics and Function with high technology systems – Paulo Kano ; Esthetic Implant placement: How Perio can help? – Jose Nart ; CERAMIC RESTORATIONS – Teeth and Implants – Details that make a difference – Victor Clavijo ; The Changing Face of Dentistry – Russell Young ; New Interdisciplinary Perspectives With All Ceramic Restorations – Anabell Laplana ; The Game Changer, how marketing is changing the face of contemporary dentistry – Quoc An Nguyen ; Aesthetic Implant Restorations – Decisive Factors and Principles to Respect – Nitzan Bichacho ; The 5 keys to achieve long-term success in your ceramic veneer treatment – João Borges ; Ortho Navi Sesja I – dr Mariusz Wilk, dr n. med. Joanna Jabłońska – Zrobek, Ortho Navi Sesja II – dr Mariusz Wilk, dr n. med. Joanna Jabłońska – Zrobek, Ortho Navi Sesja III – dr Mariusz Wilk, dr n. med. Joanna Jabłońska – Zrobek, Endoakademia Sesja I – usuwanie złamanych narzędzi – dr n.med. Katarzyna Brus – Sawczuk, Endoakademia Sesja II – od anatomii do usuwania złamanych narzędzi – dr n.med. Katarzyna Brus – Sawczuk, Endoakademia Sesja III – gutaperka na ciepło, mikroskop stomatologiczny – dr n.med. Katarzyna Brus – Sawczuk,